About Me

I am SnapperTheTwig (Twigz for short), or if you are one of those people who audaciously inhabit this horrible realm known as the “Real World”, you may come to know me as Liam Twigger.

From a very young age I took a liking to both games, and such systems governed by rules, and building things. Due to being poor, activities that consume resources were not an option. Game development proved to be an optimal hobby, as it is only limited by three things – ability (which can be cured with practise), computer power (which is hard to max out unless your really bad) and imagination (which I have no shortage of).

I am 22 at time of writing this, which means I could be any age as I very rarely update this site. That, however, doesn't mean that you shouldn't be visiting this site often. The best way to get news is via my Twitter feed.

I currently hold a Bsc. (Hons.) in Physics from the University of Adelaide, and am currently perusing a PhD in Optics/Atmospheric Physics.

My other interests include cooking delicious food, and lifting heavy objects at the gym.


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